Solvents and Thinners


Most of our solvents are available in 209L & 20L quantities. Check the table below for details.

Product Name 209L 20L MSDS Code
2K Reducer – High quality 2K reducer in all 2K paintsYYDownloadS2K
A-Grade Thinner – High gloss lacquer thinnerYYDownloadSAG
Adhesive CleanerYDownloadSADC
Basecoat Thinner – High quality thinner in all basecoat systemsYDownloadSBASE
Citrus CleanerYSCC
Compre Thinner – Comprehensive 1K/2K paint thinnerYYDownloadSCOMPRE
D A ReducerYDownloadSDA
Epoxy ThinnersYDownloadSEPOXY
Ester ThinnersYDownloadSESTER
Etch ReducerYDownloadSETCH
Ethyl AcetateYYDownloadSEA
GP Thinners (Lacquer Thinners) – General Purpose / Two-way thinnerYYDownloadSGP
Gunwash – Recycled Gun CleanerYYDownloadSGW
Hexane / N-HexaneYYDownloadNHEX
IPA – Isopropyl AlcoholYYDownloadSIPA
Kerosene - ClearYYDownloadSKERO
MEK – Methyl Ethyl KetoneYYDownloadSMEK
Methylated Spirits – 99%YYDownloadSMS
Methylene ChlorideYDownloadSMETHCHLOR
Mineral TurpentineYYDownloadSMT
N PropanolYNPA
N Propyl AcetateYNPACE
Parts Wash – 70% - 30% blendYYDownloadSPW
Polyurethane ThinnerYDownloadSPOL
Silco Clean – Silicon remover + heavy duty wax & grease removerYDownloadSSC
Silk Screen CleanerYDownloadSSSC
Solvent 100YDownloadSA100
Solvent NYSSN
Spraying ThinnersYSST
Supercat Thinners (F)YDownloadSSUPT
Wax & Grease Remover – Safely Removes Wax, Grease and OilYYDownloadSWG
White Spirits - Low AromaticYYDownloadSWS
White Spirits - Low FlashYYDownload

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