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Commercial quantity new and recycled solvents and thinners

If you are a Printer, Powder Coater, Panel Beater, Engineer, Sandblaster or in a trade or business that required new or recycled solvents and thinners, we have you covered. All of our products are available for delivery nationwide, but you can also take advantage of our weekly free delivery to the lower north island.

All of our products are suitable for the Printing, Powder Coating, Panel & Paint, Engineering, and Sandblasting industries.


Available in 209L & 20L quantities


Sandpaper, Tape, Masking, Fillers etc.


Primers, Hardeners, Enamels etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

We work on a commercial quantity basis. With most of our products we have a minimum order quantity of 20L.

Looking for a commercial quantity of solvents?

If your business needs a commercial quantity of solvents (20L or more), with free delivery and friendly advice please Contact Us.