Paint supplies suitable for the Printing, Powder Coating, Panel & Paint, Engineering, and Sandblasting industries.

Primers, Dupont Economy Line, Hardeners, Enamels, Arcythane etc.

Colour Trend Paints

Lacquer White
Lacquer Black
Lacquer Clear


FM1 Primer Grey 4L (1K)
Etch Primer 4L Red Oxide
Satin Etch Black 4L
Etch Primer 1L 2K Yellow 81A
Etch Catalyst 1L 2K Yellow 81B
Durapox 4L Grey/White/Black

Dupont Economy Line

120Sx Standard MS 2K Clear 5L
1051R High Productive Surfacer 4L White
1057R High Productive Surfacer 4L Black
125S Hardener 1L Standard
255MS Hardener 1L Fast
125S Hardener 2.5L Standard
255MS Hardener 2.5L Standard


Durapox 1L Hardener
General Purpose 1L Hardener
Acrythane 1L Hardener

Spraying Enamel (Fast Dry)

White 4L
Black 4L
Wheel Silver 4L
Satin Black 4L

Acrythane 4:1 (805A)

White 4L
Black 4L
Met Silver & Brilliant Silver 4L
Clear Anti Graffiti
Mixed Colours
Price Group 1 4L
Price Group 2 4L
Price Group 3 4L

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